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Drake and Heath (2008): A tale of woe

According to the authors, this chapter (from Sikes & Potts’ Researching Education from the Inside) begins to explore ‘some of the strengths and limitations of being an insider researcher’. Strengths?! It’s a catalogue of misery; a relentless battering of challenges, … Continue reading

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Anderson (2002) and Anderson and Herr (1998) – Status and Legitimacy of Practitioner Research

The later, shorter article of these two – both published in Educational Researcher – was the one on our reading list for Researching the Real World, but I ended up dragging up the earlier one in order to find out … Continue reading

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Hyland, K. (2009) Chapter 1: Points of Departure

This was an enjoyable and thought-provoking read. Not only was it nice to read something so well-written, but it was also fun to revisit some of the ideas I started to engage with when I first started blogging – e.g. … Continue reading

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Crotty 1998: Introduction to the research process

Halfway through this one I thought, “oh damn… I should have read this before the Morrison chapter…”. However, it does set the scene of social research more clearly and definitely than the first reading, and for that reason I think … Continue reading

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Morrison 2007: What do we mean by educational research?

This second chapter of Coleman & Briggs’ Research Methods in Educational Leadership & Management¬†is essentially a warning about practitioner researchers crashing in and trampling all over deeply rooted research traditions with their big, clumsy, uneducated feet. I definitely felt it … Continue reading

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