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Taking stock… what am I supposed to be doing again…?

Two months have passed since my last trip to Oxford and we have another one coming up in two weeks. I feel that I’ve been ticking over rather than really attacking the reading I wanted to do; I’ve had a burning desire to read, … Continue reading

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How do teachers value theory?

Dye, V. L. (1999) Is Educational Theory being Valued by Student Teachers in Further & Higher Education? Journal of Vocational Education and Training. 51 (2). I picked this article to read because it seemed to relate to my questions about … Continue reading

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Positively liminal

Land, R., Rattray, J. & Vivian, P. (2014). Learning in the Liminal Space: A Semiotic Approach to Threshold Concepts. Higher Education 67(2): 199-217. This is the suggested text for our Pedagogy Reading Group at UAL this month – I loved it for many reasons. … Continue reading

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Measuring teaching excellence

Last week I went to an open seminar at Queen Mary titled ‘How can we measure Teaching Excellence?’ Given I’m one of those people who would prefer the first word to be missing from that title, I made a concerted … Continue reading

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Grappling with Bernstein

Bernstein, B. and Solomon, J. (1999) ‘Pedagogy, Identity and the Construction of a Theory of Symbolic Control’: Basil Bernstein questioned by Joseph Solomon. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 20 (2), pp.265-279. In this conversation Bernstein is describing his proposal for … Continue reading

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About time I read some stuff about art

Something that has struck me so far in this unit is how much the suggested reading has focused not so much on how one learns, but on what should be learned. I agree, we should certainly consider the latter first, … Continue reading

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