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My EdD thesis plan

It suddenly dawned on me on Monday, during an early morning run in Victoria Park, what I wanted to do for my thesis. The idea had in fact been gestating from the moment the General Election exit poll was broadcast four days earlier, when … Continue reading

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Aporia, doubt and questioning…

Tubbs, N. (2004) Heidegger: Being and Time. in Philosophy’s Higher Education. Springer. pp49-72 Well, this was bloody hard to get my head around. I probably didn’t come anywhere close, but I think that’s ok, because what I did get from … Continue reading

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The Idea of a University Today

Anderson, R (2010) The Idea of A University Today. Anderson’s article outlines the key events in and perspectives on UK HE that have led us to where we are today. It connected some things I was already aware of, and … Continue reading

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Kant, Brand and Lucas on peaceful conflict

I was getting depressed reading all that stuff about neoliberalism and performativity; not because these phenomena are new to me, rather because I hadn’t grasped how established this body of literature was, and hence how divorced policy research must be … Continue reading

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