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Aporia, doubt and questioning…

Tubbs, N. (2004) Heidegger: Being and Time. in Philosophy’s Higher Education. Springer. pp49-72 Well, this was bloody hard to get my head around. I probably didn’t come anywhere close, but I think that’s ok, because what I did get from … Continue reading

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The Idea of a University Today

Anderson, R (2010) The Idea of A University Today. Anderson’s article outlines the key events in and perspectives on UK HE that have led us to where we are today. It connected some things I was already aware of, and … Continue reading

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Kant, Brand and Lucas on peaceful conflict

I was getting depressed reading all that stuff about neoliberalism and performativity; not because these phenomena are new to me, rather because I hadn’t grasped how established this body of literature was, and hence how divorced policy research must be … Continue reading

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A crushing low

…I just hit one. I’ve been reading some more stuff on the history and context of UK HE (Anderson 2010), plus a long paper explaining neoliberalism and the knowledge economy (Olssen & Peters 2005), and trying to write some coherent thoughts … Continue reading

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Wonks, tanks and dancing bears

Given the key message of Padraig Hogan’s book, and the papers I have read over the last week critiquing and explaining education policy, I was curious to discover the mechanisms through which academic research can inform education policy, and the … Continue reading

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We have a new God and his name is Quality Assurance

Ball, S. (2003) The teacher’s soul and the terrors of performativity. Journal of Education Policy, 18 (2) p215-228 In this article Stephen Ball explains how market, managerialism and performativity are replacing professionalism and bureaucracy in education, making the public sector … Continue reading

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A principled approach to teacher accreditation?

I’ve been thinking about how to square my concerns about neoliberalism and performativity with the aspect of my role that measures teaching capability through the Professional Standards Framework. One train of thought is about the value to teachers of having the accreditation. … Continue reading

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Education – some notes on etymology

What does the word education mean? Where does it come from? I came across the word educe the other day, which means ‘to lead out’ – from the Latin ducere – ‘to lead’. Exchange the prefix ‘e’ for ‘de’ and … Continue reading

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On individual potential, means, ends and reconciliation

I’m trying to get my thoughts straight on finishing Hogan’s New Significance of Learning, alongside a 2006 article I came across in Pedagogies by a chap called Michael Apple who writes well and says a lot of things I agree … Continue reading

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The will to learn

I had an unexpectedly good time at the Ped-RIO pilot workshop in Birmingham on 20 March. The purpose of this session was to introduce an impact assessment resource for teacher CPD that had been developed by Plymouth University for the … Continue reading

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