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On education as a practice in its own right

This morning, on the bus, I finished Chapter 9 of Hogan’s New Significance of Learning, which draws together the arguments developed in previous chapters for education as a practice and tradition in its own right. It firmly sets Hogan’s view apart from … Continue reading

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On the University as a place to experiment with perception…?

I’ve been reflecting on the workshop we had on 14 March with Andrew Davis on brain-based learning. This was very much focused on what I like to call ‘neurodiversity’; specific cognitive differences that are often termed ‘difficulties’ or ‘disabilities’. I am reminded … Continue reading

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From Barnett to the Dalai Lama – Mindfulness, rule-breaking, intention.

It’s been a very interesting week, reading-wise. In addition to the prescribed papers on assessment, I’ve been following my own path with Hannah Arendt (via the Times Higher) and Ron Barnett’s 2004 paper Learning for an Unknown Future. I’m also … Continue reading

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Loving it loving it – Hogan on Heartwork

Hogan, P. (2010) The New Significance of Learning: Imagination’s Heartwork. Routledge. I am SO happy about this book… I feel that is affirming everything I’ve been writing and thinking about in the last few weeks/months! Hogan opens by acknowledging that education … Continue reading

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GLAD conference – thoughts on the purpose of higher education in Art & Design

I attended the Group for Learning & Teaching in Art & Design conference last week. It is the organisation’s 25th anniversary and the opening panel’s task was to reflect upon the change in art & design higher education over that … Continue reading

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Some pretty intense philosophising

Barrow, R. and Woods, R. (2006) An Introduction to Philosophy of Education. 4th edition. Routledge. My last blog post was just a warm-up… there are lots of other thoughts I’ve been chewing over while reading the first half of this … Continue reading

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Higher Education and the holistic self

Here are some thoughts on getting halfway through An Introduction to Philosophy of Education by Robin Barrow & Ronald Woods. We looked at a chapter of this book last term and I really enjoyed it so I thought I’d buy … Continue reading

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