Taking stock… what am I supposed to be doing again…?

Two months have passed since my last trip to Oxford and we have another one coming up in two weeks. I feel that I’ve been ticking over rather than really attacking the reading I wanted to do; I’ve had a burning desire to read, but the mountain of stuff I’ve got on the bookshelf is pretty intimidating, and I’ve found it hard to concentrate with remortgaging worries, wedding planning (fun up to a point but I’m so over it), and my boyfriend’s existential crisis. I feel a renewed sense of calm and purpose now though.

Indy has grown... and calmed down

Indy has grown… and calmed down

It’s helped that we’ve got into a good routine with the puppy, so he now spends his evenings throwing sleepy shapes on the sofa rather than weeing everywhere and trying to eat my feet. He doesn’t even bark anymore – not since we squirted a water pistol in his little face. Can’t do that with a screaming baby now, can you? 🙂 I love him so much. He brings so much joy to my life.

Just like last year, after an initial period of diligence, I find I’ve neglected WrAP in favour of the disciplinary literature. I intended to have sent my synopsis off to a few critical friends by now. I actually need to bring an action plan to the session on the 14th so I’d better get cracking with that.

So – over the next two weeks I need to:

  • Construct an action plan for my WrAP article (and hopefully a synopsis) – and send the latter off to some critical friends.
  • Check whether I actually finished Chapter 2 of Murray’s Writing for Academic Journals – I suspect I didn’t
  • Read Myers article in prep for WrAP session on the 14th
  • Ask David if there is something we can/should read in order to get the most out of the L&T session on the 14th
  • Take stock of my book pile, remind myself of the L&T assignment, and figure out a skimming strategy!
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