Article structure analysis – WrAP 2

I had a look at a range of different articles in IJAD and this is the structure I liked the most. Somewhat similar to the structure of my MA dissertation… clearly not ready to break the mould just yet, hmm? 😉 My preference does make sense as this is also a phenomenological qualitative study with ~25 respondents and three themes emerging from the findings. I particularly liked the discussion of the three themes in turn, each concluding with ideas for discussion between academic developers and staff.

O’Neill, G., Donnelly, R., & Fitzmaurice, M. (2014) Supporting programme teams to develop sequencing in higher education curricula. International Journal for Academic Development, 19 (4) p268-280

Introduction – 600w: detailed description of issue, background & context. Subdivided by paragraphs only:

  • Expansion & diversification of HE
  • Rise & criticism of modular programmes
  • Tendency of curriculum decisions to be influenced by context
  • Contrasting conceptions of curriculum
  • Neglect of macro-curriculum
  • Scope of study

Literature Review 1000w

  • Introduction to sequencing 600w
  • Challenges to sequencing 350w

Methodology 500w

  • Context & research approach 200w
  • Data collection & analysis 300w

Findings 1200w: illustrated with indented quotes

  • Theme 1: developing a collective philosophy 400w
  • Theme 2: communication of sequencing to students and staff 300w
  • Theme 3: developing strong building blocks 500w

Discussion and ideas for consideration 1600w: ellaborates on the three key themes. Each sub-section ends with 2-3 ideas for ADs to consider.

  • Towards a collective curriculum philosophy 600w
  • Developing curricular building blocks 500w
  • Improving communication between staff & students re: sequencing 500w

Conclusion 200w: summarises purpose and focus. Intentions for utilisation of findings. Statement on generalisability, directions for further research. Importance/significance of this and further research.

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