The good life?

I’ve not written much over midwinter, mainly because anything I write at this time of year sounds so morose and apathetic that people start to worry about me. But Spring is coming so here I am.

I’ve been reading quite a few books, on topics from curiosity (Ian Leslie) and communication (John L Locke), to values (Nietzsche, urrgh) and the Good Life (Robertson, Evans). Also, plenty of stuff on the Idea of the University (Collini, Maskell & Robinson). I want to blog about all of these as they’ve all affected me quite deeply. Ironically, a lot of it – and not just the deeper philosophical stuff either – suggests that I (and, in fact, the world) would be better off if I spent my time reading classic fiction and deepening my friendships rather than learning about research methods.

Hence Scott & Morrison, Scott & Usher, Cohen et al and dear old Crotty are still in the bookcase, their covers pristine, their pages unsullied.



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