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Breaking Convention 2017: Part 1

Okay, so here’s something I learned in the last year or so: The best conferences happen at weekends. Obvious, really. If they’re worth giving up your weekend for, they’ve got to be good. I just got back from Breaking Convention, … Continue reading

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Bildung, powerful knowledge and downward mobility

I referred in an earlier post to Von Humboldt’s specification of Wissenschaft (the ‘broad science’ that goes on in universities) as a communal endeavour in the service of Bildung. Bildung was the topic of this week’s PESGB seminar at the … Continue reading

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Changing ourselves, changing others

I want to return to something I wrote in my last post about encountering different approaches to life. I was responding to Karl Jaspers’ claim that tension between the individual and the world is necessary for self-knowledge and a true … Continue reading

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Karl Jaspers: universities, love and leadership

Wyatt, J.F. 1982. Karl Jaspers’ The Idea of the University: An existentialist argument for an institution concerned with freedom. Studies in Higher Education 7 (1), pp21-34. I’m still playing around with Newman’s Idea of the University and have been delving … Continue reading

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Oakeshott’s definition of the university

Oaskeshott, M. J. 1967. The Definition of a University. The Journal of Educational Thought / Revue de la Pensée Éducative, 1 (3), pp. 129-142 Writing four years after the publication of the Robbins report, Oakeshott responds here to a ‘confusion … Continue reading

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Possibly the dullest book in the world

Blessinger, P. and Anchan, J. P. 2015. Democratizing Higher Education: International Comparative Perspectives. Routledge. I bought this book over a year ago for a princely sum, fresh off the first print run. When it arrived I was disappointed – not … Continue reading

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Kreber and Barnett on authenticity, strangeness and what it means to be a graduate

Kreber, C. 2014. Rationalising the nature of ‘graduateness’ through philosophical accounts of authenticity. Teaching in Higher Education, 19 (1), pp90-100. While the internet was down at work, I read this. I hadn’t heard of Carolin Kreber before; her work was … Continue reading

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Sacred plant medicines and other tangents

I had a pretty long meeting with David on Friday. We talked a bit about my thesis but the main point of the meeting was to discuss ideas about the workshop I did at the PESGB conference a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Nixon #3 and a tangent on free will

One thing I particularly liked about Nixon’s book was the depth of the image it painted of the four thinkers whose ideas were drawn upon; it described them as real people with families and styles of dress and ways of … Continue reading

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Nixon #2: the four thinkers

Nixon, J. 2013. Interpretive Pedagogies for Higher Education: Arendt, Berger, Said, Nussbaum and their Legacies. London, Bloomsbury. Nixon uses the middle section of his book to develop his ideas around higher education as interpretation through four thinkers; Hannah Arendt, John … Continue reading

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